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This attachment is very effective and at the same time is extremely easy to install and use.
When the quantity of concrete needed in a job site are around one or one and a half cubic meter it acquits its job in a quick and cheap way It can be installed on a skid steer loader, backhoe, telescopic handler, wheel loader, crawler or wheeled excavators and on all these machines it delivers the concrete mix in all those places where there is no economic convenience or the access is physically impossible for a concrete truck mixer.

Is relatively easy to produce a The mixer bucket This is the main reason why all the models in the market have very similar shape, drawing and characteristics
If this is true on the other hand it is extremely important that the welding, the mounting and the details during the preparation have made at their best
Mistakes during the assembling of the bucket can affect : reliability, endurance and strength, all these qualities are highly desirable if considering the though environment where these tools will be used.

Prices According to what we have just written, price's differences that can be found in the market are mainly due to the components used to produce these attachments and, only in a small measure, to the difference in the processing.
We can think at this price as made of two parts; one it is fixed and the other is variable.
The part that is fix is made by man labor necessary to assemble the bucket and by the cost of the basic components.
Being only small differences in the bucket's structure among all the models in commerce the variable part of the price is represented by the quality if these components and by the quality and by the number of processing needed to complete it.
Better components and materials will make the tool more lasting, reliable and stronger.
These extra quality will be as much appreciated as harder and frequent will be the use of the bucket in the job site.
Obviously where the quantity of concrete is bounded in amount and frequency all these extra qualities can be scarified in exchange for a cheaper bucket
In these cases a good cleaning of the concrete residues at the end of the job will be more than enough to guarantee a correct bucket preservation.

We deliver both kind of concrete mixer buckets, the frequent and heavy duty model, as well as the one for occasional and little use.
After what we have just written the choice on the appropriate model to choose can be only your

If you need a further info or advice call me or write me:
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For the mounting on the machine this is absolutely not a problem
There are mainly two ways of attaching a concrete mixer bucket to the machine: pins or quick coupler
If you decide for the pins we will send you a drawing of the bucket so that you can verify that the measure pursue the measures of your machine.
Viceversa, if you want to use a quick coupler, we will quote this one and we will modify your bucket that , from this moment, will ce connected to the machine with this same new quick coupler; mechanical or hydraulically controlled, your choice.
For skid steer loaders, although all machines have a quick coupler as standard, we have two possibilities : universal quick coupler (pins coming out from the bottom) or Komatsu type (pins coming our from the side)
If you take one of our bucket this is a complication you simply can ignore as we have both hooks on our bucket.
Oil tubes change according to the skid steer loader you have, but once you indicate us your model we will take care to deliver the bucket with the correct quick couplers
Once the bucket is in place, physically and hydraulically, we need to connect the electric cable.
On the bucket in fact there is an electric valve that, according it is electrically excited or not, deviate the oil flow to make screw turning or to open or close the door at the bottom of the bucket
With the bucket is included a cable and a switch to operate this valve, you will simply have to connect to the electric power
If you don't want to have flying cables just let us know and with our advices you can connect the electric valve so that you can operate it with the switch that are on your joystick or by a switch that is already in the cab
This solution, beyond to be a better one by the esthetic point of view is also preferable by the security point of view.
It will prevent all those occasion of accidental activation of the bucket while working or while the operator is coming in or out of the machine


Price includes transport all over Italy and for a max of Euro 400 can be delivered to Ireland and Poland
For closer destination transport is even cheaper
If you will decide to collect it in our yard in Rome in this price the fitting and test is included in the price
In our rental fleet we actually have the following models:

BM 250, 350, 450, 600
(the three digits number indicates the bucket's capacity in liters )

These models can be installed on skid steer loaders, backhoe, telescopic handler, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators.
If you have other machines where you would like to install the bucket just call us and we will study a solution

Used and bargains

The buckets of our rental fleet are for sale and they have a cheaper price than a new one.
Price depends of course on the conditions of the bucket
Call Paolo Napoleoni for price and availability:
Tel. +39 06 30 31 08 20 - email - My status